is a research project sponsored by Nexxo Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd, a Singapore based company. A new project to offer blockchain-powered financial services to Small Businesses Worldwide!

The World's First Blockchain-Powered Financial Services Platform Focused on SMEs!

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Nexxo at the World Blockchain Summit - London

Nexxo at the World Blockchain Summit


Small businesses need financial services, but large commercial bankers say ‘No!’


No Collateral - 44%

Bankers need collateral to mitigate risk. However, most small businesses don’t have any collateral assets, other than their own business. This is the primary reason bankers say ‘No’.

Too much risk for too little return - 19%

Commercial banks require a certain threshold of low risk and profitability per account to engage in a profitable business relationship. Unfortunately, most small businesses cannot reach such a threshold, thus causing banks to decline entering such a high-risk relationship.

Lack of credit history - 17%

This is a “chicken and egg” situation, where small businesses cannot get credit from commercial bankers, and commercial bankers cannot give credit unless the business has a credit history.

No significant deposits - 12%

Banks make money from interest generated by large deposits. But, small businesses do not have extra cash flow and extra savings to deposit with banks, as they require all their cash to support the daily cash flow requirements of their businesses. Without large cash deposits and little revenue from interest, banks cannot say ‘Yes’.

No audited financials - 8%

Large commercial bankers require full financial audits prior to offering their banking services. However, bankers do not have the bandwidth to conduct such audits, as they require much time and effort. As a result, they request the small business to submit multiple years of audited financials from a reputable audit firm. Unfortunately, most small businesses do not have such data, and more importantly cannot afford the high costs charged by large audit firms to prepare full financial audits.


The Nexxo Token is : An ERC-20 Token

Decentralized computing

Decentralized computing

By using a blockchain decentralized computing (processing) platform, our servers allocate processing power across multiple servers instead of one single server. Such architecture helps our servers achieve a lower system cost, higher redundancy, and better uptime.

Distributed Data Ledger

Distributed Data Ledger

By using a blockchain based distributed data ledger, data collected by our consumer and financial systems are redundantly stored across multiple servers instead of one single database server, thus avoiding a single point of failure.

Secured data and transaction

Secured data and transaction

Blockchain is inherently encrypted and secured with every transaction block, thus improving system security and information protection, a very important requirement in financial services.

Immutable (tamper-proof) transactions

Immutable (tamper-proof) transactions

A ‘must-have’ requirement when building and operating financial applications is prohibiting any party from altering any document, transaction detail or history. Inherently, blockchain transactions are intrinsically immutable, which helps us offer highly enhanced audit tracking.

Auditable Transactions & Audit Trail

Auditable Transactions & Audit Trail

Due to immutability of data.

Smart Contract driven application platform

Smart Contract driven application platform

This feature is very important for our business, especially when dealing with electronic invoices, e-commerce transactions, loans, or card transactions.

Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure

Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure

We strongly believe that the future of small business financial services will include many peer-to-peer products; an obvious example is peer-to-peer small business lending.

Connecting all the local blockchains to form a global blockchain platform

Nexxo Presence

NEXXONet, a global, multi-country, decentralized financial services blockchain based on linking all local/private (intra-country) blockchains

Some blockchain platforms believe that they can force a global blockchain onto local governments, without being locally licensed or regulated. However, we believe that a true global financial services blockchain can only be built from the ground up, by linking locally regulated blockchains onto a globally compliant blockchain.

As a result, we believe that the most realistic global blockchain financial services model must be built form the ground up based on private blockchains.

Why link multiple private blockchains?

Each country will have its own private blockchain that is compliant to regulations of each local monetary authority. Guidelines such as KYC, AML, OFAC, or risk management standards must be adhered to by NEXXO, one local country at a time. This is because in having a ‘one size fits all’ solution, it is not possible to be compliant across different regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, when being audited by a local central financial services or local government body, such entities would not allow another government to access its internal data, nor allow a foreign entity to monitor internal businesses or consumer transactions.

By linking all local intra-country blockchains onto a global blockchain, we will achieve the world’s first globally compliant blockchain powered financial services platform focused on small businesses.

Our objective is to build a highly versatile local/global financial services blockchain platform based on legal, secure, and compliant fundamentals. This approach enables us to interlink all local financial services networks to deliver the world’s first globally (internationally) compliant financial platform, focused on servicing micro and small businesses.

Such a platform can be initially leveraged to service local small business markets, but later can be used to facilitate commerce. This could include simplifying other international financial services, such as letters of credit, or offering instantaneous international remittances.

The NEXXO Utility Token

Nexxo Token

NEXXO is issuing an ERC20 token to reward enablers that help grow the NEXXO network as well as offer liquidity to traders and speculators that trade the NEXXO token on various crypto exchanges.

The NEXXO token has three main objectives, summarized as follows:


To reward “enablers”, where enablers are commissioned and trained parties that promote, market, and sell NEXXO solutions into their local small business communities. NEXXO will then invoice customers introduced by enablers and pay them a portion of the fees collected from the small business customers.


To offer liquidity and gains to NEXXO token traders and speculators; that trade the NEXXO token on various crypto exchanges.


To offer various utility services such as coupons and discounts, to NEXXO token holders.


KYC’d token holders that reside within jurisdictions, where NEXXO is regulated shall be allowed to apply and receive a Bank Card with an IBAN (International Bank Account) linked to a mobile wallet, where they can convert their NEXXO token holdings to fiat and vice versa.


KYC’s users, as defined above, shall have the right to easily convert other crypto holdings to NEXXO tokens, to be offered by NEXXO exchange partners and vice versa.


KYC’d users, defined above, shall receive various coupons, discounts, and loyalty deals from tens of thousands of NEXXO small business merchants, with these deals being displayed onto the token holder’s mobile wallet. This enables token holders to enjoy thousands of fiat dollars in discounts, while having the freedom to pay for such discounts in token or in fiat currency.


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Nebil Ben Aissa

Nebil Ben Aissa

Founder & CEO

Gunnar Skoog

Gunnar Skoog

Group Chief Operating Officer

Aizaz Tahsilda

Aizaz Tahsildar

Head of Innovation

Naraynan Kannan

Naraynan Kannan

Head of Disruptive Technologies, Blockchain Apps



The NEXXO IBAN bank card solution is a prepaid bank card, that is offered to small business owners and operators and also their employees. The bank card solution is developed in partnership with a local bank, with permission from the local central bank, and complies with local central bank laws, rules and regulations pertaining to KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering) as well as international OFAC (US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control) black-list. Each card is also linked to a real and unique International Bank Account Number (IBAN); thus, it can be funded from another bank account.

This bank card solution enables small business owners and operators to get a bank account, to deposit and withdraw money from any bank ATM, or pay for purchases at any merchant POS (Point Of Sale) locally or internationally. The solution is compatible with all local and international banking systems. This is a very powerful banking solution that addresses a highly under-serviced and under-banked market.

Our bank-card platform is blockchain powered by IBM Hyperledger and all transactions are secure, as well as compliant with the highest security standards such as PCI DSS 3.22 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Services 3.22).

The NEXXO Mobile Wallet solution can work as either an independent mobile wallet product or can be linked to the NEXXO IBAN bank card. The NEXXO Mobile-Wallet solution enables KYC’d users to get an instantaneous One-Time-Use generated card number to make online-e-commerce purchases or pay at any merchant POS supporting contactless or QR payments. The solution is also linked to all international remittance networks, so that users can send money to friends, family members or business suppliers anywhere in the world.

Originally, the solution was targeted primarily towards small business owners and operators that were under-banked and under-serviced: who had to pay exorbitant fees to commercial bankers, when traveling or when sending money abroad.

Post the NEXXO Token sale, we shall add the feature of enabling KYC’d customers who hold the NEXXO Mobile Wallet to also be able to convert their NEXXO Tokens to local Fiat currency, then use their mobile wallet as means to pay for purchases online, at any merchant POS device supporting contactless or QR payments.

The NEXXO award winning Mobile Cash management solution enables small business owners and operators to upload funds via cash, check, card, bank wire (soon NEXXO Token) onto their NEXXO account; then easily make payments to entities such as employees, suppliers, utilities, or government.

The platform enables small business owners and operators to manage all incoming and outgoing transactions via secure access from their mobile or any web interface. It also offers account transaction data analysis and visualization, so they can better manage their business. The system also enables users to track cash or check transactions and visualize cash vs. electronic usage, patterns and projections.

The NEXXO cash management solution is natively integrated with all NEXXO solutions such as the NEXXO IBAN bank-card, the NEXXO Payroll Solution, the NEXXO e-commerce, and the Billing or Point Of Sale (POS) solutions. Such seamless integration enables the small business owner and operator to monitor incoming and outgoing funds, and make quick decisions impacting the financial health of their business.

The solution stores all transactions, check deposit slips, and related receipts onto the NEXXO blockchain, powered by IBM Hyperledger, where such transactions are later retrieved as immutable (cannot be altered) proof of fund receipt or transfer.

The NEXXO Payroll solution is targeted primarily towards micro and small businesses and enables them to pay employees directly via a bank card, instead of manually tracking, managing, and paying employees in cash or via paper checks.

The solution also includes a Human Resources (HR) module to hire and track employee salary, and labor documentation securely and confidentially. It also offers employees access to their salary, and various other HR related information and activities. The system includes a time tracking platform to track employee hours, over-time, deductions, bonuses, and exception pay.

The platform is blockchain powered and is built for 100% mobile access by either employers or employees. It is designed to help a very busy small business owner and operator, to process payroll via a mobile phone in minutes, instead of hours. The NEXXO Mobile Payroll business app is easy and fast to use; it improves employee retention, lowers salary processing costs and overheads, and is seamlessly linked to the NEXXO Bank-Card platform.

After a period of time servicing customers and collecting enough information about their revenue and spending trends; NEXXO then partners with a locally regulated lending entity and offers micro-financing or micro-lending facilities to qualified customers.

Using IBM Hyperledger blockchain technology, NEXXO issues loans through smart contracts, which are executed and then registered onto the NEXXO blockchain. This removes the need for an intermediary or human intervention to enforce the terms of a loan. Smart contracts are transparent, cheaper to execute and more reliable than traditional contracts, which can be slow to execute and complicated.

To further simplify the process, the micro-loan is automatically disbursed onto the NEXXO IBAN bank card account (and relating e-Wallet), and all loan repayments are automatically withdrawn from the same card account. This simplifies further the micro-loan process and cuts down a tremendous amount of overheads and paper work thus enabling NEXXO to pass-on the savings to the small business owner. It is important to recognize the value of the NEXXO services; where it takes on a small business owner that is being told “No, way” by all commercial bankers; then be able to offer them competitive rates that are at par with rates received by large and stable enterprises.

Using Blockchain smart contracts, and its IBAN bank-card technology, NEXXO limits the financing rates linked to loan installments. This reduces risk to both NEXXO and its customers. It also automates loan processing, reduces hassle, lowers costs and makes the lending process a lot faster and more efficient.

The NEXXO Point Of Sale (POS) solution is one of the first POS solutions that is both Android enabled as well as PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standard) certified. This is because the Android operating system platform is based on open source, and POS debit or credit card transactions are highly secured and encrypted by the international providers, such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express...etc. This means that the international providers will not willingly certify such devices, unless years of security scrutiny and security penetration have been applied, before allowing such devices to communicate with banks and payment networks. The NEXXO Smart-Android POS device is certified to accept:

The NEXXO Smart-Android POS device enables small businesses to process debit or credit card transactions. It also features various payment applications that are customized to the specific needs and requirements of small businesses. The device comes pre-installed with various apps such as: retail, hospitality, F&B outlets...etc. The device is also integrated with the NEXXO small business e-commerce solution and the NEXXO Cash Management system.

NEXXO uses IBM Hyperledger blockchain to register all device settings and transactions communicated from the device to the NEXXO decentralized back-office platform. This approach restricts the use of the POS device to NEXXO only; and prevents hackers from injecting malicious codes or spoof device communications, as they would need to reverse engineer and cheat the IBM Hyperledger blockchain technology, which is impossible to achieve in this lifetime.

Using blockchain smart contract technology, NEXXO can offer many creative POS enabled applications and services targeting its small business ecosystem. This enables us to automate many activities and processes involved in accepting payments by a small business merchant.

NEXXO enables small businesses to grow their business by offering alternative selling channels, such as secure e-commerce shopping, to their customers. A small business can easily offer e-commerce, either by quickly building an e-commerce store, or by integrating their customized web site with the NEXXO secure payment gateway system; either way, the process is easy, simple, streamlined and yet extremely powerful.

The NEXXO e-commerce solution is feature rich and gives small businesses a lot of room for growth. It offers advanced features such as tokenization for recurring payments (for memberships or monthly recurring service fees) and mobile SDKs (Software Development Kits) that integrate payments with a mobile App. The NEXXO e-commerce solution integrates seamlessly with the customer’s NEXXO Cash Management, POS, or e-invoicing solutions. All applications are under one single merchant interface.

NEXXO uses blockchain immutable smart contract technology to lock-in all e-commerce transactions and track transaction order workflow, such as billing, shipping, and delivery.

The solution is secure, robust, simple, easy, and yet very powerful. It is multi-lingual, and it enables small business owners and operators to offer e-commerce quickly and seamlessly, grow their business and enhance their customer’s experience.

NEXXO uses blockchain smart contract technology to build undisputable invoice contracts between the NEXXO small business owner cum operator and their customers or suppliers. The solution is simple, easy, and yet very powerful; it enables a small business owner to issue an invoice quickly and seamlessly and to track payments.

The NEXXO e-billing solution is specifically designed for growing service-oriented businesses that do not have a physical location or physical product to sell via a POS device. The solution is secure and accessible via mobile, or any web interface and easily integrates with ‘off the shelf’ accounting, billing, and invoicing systems. The NEXXO e-invoicing solution is feature rich and gives businesses a lot of room for growth, such as easy integration with NEXXO’s secure payment gateway, or other payment gateways, recurring billing, and mobile SDKs, enabling businesses to integrate their e-invoicing system directly onto a mobile App. Most importantly, NEXXO e-invoicing integrates with NEXXO POS and e-commerce solutions, and all transactions are easily accessible from the NEXXO cash management interface accessible via mobile or any web interface.

NEXXO offers Application Programming Interface (API) secured integration into all its services (with permissioned access), to enable its business partners, 3rd party providers and small business customers to leverage the power of the NEXXO solutions, while maintaining their own brands and front-facing interfaces. Such integration is offered via secured Web Service interface, therefore, NEXXO uses IBM Hyperledger blockchain technology to offer permissioned access to its private blockchain platform.

Please note that all products discussed above are only offered when a business owner, or consumer, presents full KYC documentation in compliance with local regulatory laws and regulations imposed by the local central bank, government, ministries, or law enforcement entities. Also note that NEXXO fully complies with all local government AML (Anti-Money Laundering), ATF (Anti-Terrorist Funding) and OFAC (US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control) rules and regulations and shall not engage in offering any service, unless all compliant documentation and checks are fulfilled.

NEXXO uses blockchain technology to collect and store KYC information, thus providing a clear, undisputable audit trail that is compliant to local regulations. Customers do not need to repeatedly upload KYC information when subscribing for new NEXXO services.

Nebil Ben Aissa is a 20+ year technology veteran. He is experienced in starting and growing companies in electronic payments, electronic banking, mobile payments, e-commerce, cloud computing, blockchain, ICOs and virtual currency. He has successfully started, built and grown tech companies; raised funds, acquired and sold various businesses in USA and Emerging Markets. He has operated and managed multiple organizations and teams across continents and sustained aggressive shareholder growth.

He is the founding partner of Nexxo Network a blockchain social commerce platform; as well as Nexxus Ventures LLC, a boutique International Venture Capital firm that invests in electronic payments, mobile payments and blockchain powered platforms.

In 2001 Mr. Ben Aissa founded American EPAY (now EPAY Systems), one of the fastest US companies specializing in e-payments for low wage laborers, which he successfully exited in 2010. Prior to that, he founded and exited 1internet Corp., an e-banking software company; and founded and exited AB-Internet Corp. a Milwaukee ISP, which he sold to ExecPC (later acquired by, now

Mr. Ben Aissa holds an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg School of Business (Northwestern University), a dual Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and a dual Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

He owns 11 United States Registered Patents and speaks 6 languages. He is an active member of the technology and entrepreneurship scene in Qatar, Dubai, Chicago and is a member of the Young President's Organization (YPO). In his younger days, he was a competitive swimmer and he held national and international swimming records. He enjoys reading business books, swimming, and playing water polo.

Gunnar Skoog is an international business leader with a record of accomplishments, acquired over more than 25 years, of building entrepreneurial companies across global locations within diverse cultures. He has a proven ability of taking ideas from inception to completion and driving complex initiatives to success with bottom line responsibility.

Gunnar has throughout his career been building various businesses and has thereby created substantial shareholder value. He has hands-on experience of innovation process implementation; leadership program development; performance and corporate culture management; and transforming people and teams to deliver their best work ever.

Gunnar has experience in the following industries: Online/Digital Media, Financial Services, Industrial Projects, Recycling technologies, Commercial Equipment and FMCG and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Stockholm University.

Muzzammil Saeed is a career banker with over 20 years’ experience in different multinational and regional banks, both conventional and Islamic.

He has successfully led sales and services teams and has experience in both retail and corporate banking. Muzzammil has fostered key relationships within the banking and financial industry segments across the Middle East. He has been instrumental in building various departments within the banking units and leading teams in successfully achieving exceptional results.

He has held positions as Sales Manager and Head of Secured Lending at Standard Chartered Bank, Strategy and Operational Management Head at HSBC Bank, Middle East, Head of Sales at Barwa Bank and Head of Emerging Corporates at Mashreq Bank. Muzzammil is a certified Islamic banker and Takaful expert and he has a Master’s degree in Islamic Banking and Finance from AIMS in the UK.

Aizaz Tahsildar is a seasoned international payment expert and business leader with over 22 years’ experience of building local and international business partnerships with various payment schemes, blockchain platforms and payment service providers.

He has a proven track record of successfully managing business programs and spearheading innovative digital channel projects for ATM, retail, ecommerce and mobile banking.

Aizaz has expertise in developing new business opportunities and creating profitable ‘go to market’ strategies by identifying, prioritizing and building structures and processes in the field of payment solutions and financial technologies.

Previously he worked as Enterprise Program Manager and digital transformation expert for the Commercial Bank of Qatar, and he has a Masters degree in Applied Science, and an MBA in Business Strategy from Oxford University, UK.

Naren Kannan is a technology leader with over 15 years of technical experience. He has headed various projects across multiple domains and possesses excellent leadership and communication skills. Naren is highly skilled in cloud computing, SAAS, blockchain technology and networking. He knows 7 programming languages and has worked with Hewlett Packard and Infosys.

Naren holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and is a Microsoft Certified Solution Architect and certified PCI implementer.

Abhinav Kumar is a technical leader with over 8 years of technical development experience. He leads various projects and ensures that the company’s technology strategy serves its business strategy.

Abhinav is responsible for validating technical feasibility, recommending technical platforms and solutions for various business driven requirements. His skills set range from programming, problem solving, technical writing and detail orientation and critical thinking. He is leading a team of enthusiastic colleagues that deliver quality on time.

Abhinav holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is a Certified Payment Industry Security Implementor.

Muhammed Mahmoud has more than 19 years of extensive experience in innovation, product management and development, technology for online/digital/banking and information driven businesses.

He acquired his skills firstly with Zawya, which he built with the co-founders, and later with Thomson Reuters, who acquired the company in 2012.

He delivered the first SMEs Middle East/Emerging Markets strategy for Thomson Reuters, a proposition that is today worth over $270M.

Muhammed's ambition is driven mainly by his passion in creating value that solves customers’ problems and fulfills their needs.

He holds an MBA from Leicester University-UK, BSC. Computer Science from King Fahad University - KSA, Diploma in Programming Languages from the Cabinet of Information & Decision Support Center of Egypt and he is also a certified Innovation Leader and Product Manager from The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM).

Abdul Rahman Al-Ameri holds an MBA in Business Management from Birmingham University and has been a banker for the past 15 years, both in retail and corporate banking and has been with HSBC, QNB and QIIB based in London, Dubai and Doha. During his career he has worked in Sales and Relationship management as a motivational leader with a demonstrated history in building priority banking solutions. He has sound knowledge in strategic planning and deployment and has built up a broad network within the banking and financial industry across the MENA region.

Previously he worked as Enterprise Program Manager and digital transformation expert for the Commercial Bank of Qatar, and holds a Master’s in Applied Science, and an MBA in Business Strategy from Oxford University, UK.

Ameen Mohammad is a veteran banker with a record of accomplishments of over 40 years banking experience with both national and international banks. He was the Vice President & Country Head of Operations for UBL in Qatar, and before that he worked as Compliance Manager with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada (CIBC) in Toronto.

Ameen has hands-on experience of banking operations, including conventional and online transactions, settlement, reconciliation, audit, risk and compliance. He has a proven ability of driving and implementing projects, specifically in relation to risk and compliance issues. He has an MBA from Saint Claire University, New York, USA and a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Karachi, Pakistan.

Mona Elkhatib is a digital strategist with 14+ years of experience in working with startups to build a strong digital presence and solid community. She has a proven ability of taking on new projects and driving them to success

In addition to have worked in startup gaming companies, e-commerce and digital marketing agencies, Mona has achievement records from multiple US banks. She has hands-on experience in project management, planning and digital strategies.

Mona has experience in public relations, digital marketing, retail banking, and gamification. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Strayer University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business.


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